Pattern Matching Scheme

Along with the increasing requirements in network security equipment, the industrial needs for the high throughput and multiple pattern matching methods will become enormous in near future. The string matching methods can be applied to the bioinformatics, face recognition, network security, etc. On the other hand, the multiprocessing and hardware acceleration would be prevalent in processing intensive computations and information managements. Due to the slow speed of the software-based string matching in uni-processor environments, the multiprocessing environments will be adopted in order to obtain high-quality string matching engine in many-core era. Therefore, my research will be focused on the high-performance parallel string and pattern matching architecture for multiprocessing environments. In addition, hardware acceleration can adopt bit-parallelism, where several hardware platform can support the hardware acceleration using high speed interface between hardware and host.

My previous interest was the exact online string matching. For the era of big data and intelligent information processing, it is considered that the approximate string matching can be applied to various fields. At this time, several approximate string matching techniques is being researched and supported by government.