This lab is located at #403, 2nd Building of Engineering. All places are partitioned for four individual researchers. Also, this workplace includes lots of experimental appliances and high performance servers for doing machine learning, big-data researches, and running EDA tools.

At this time, we have five Linux and two storage servers for machine learning, big-data researches. Several machines contain GPUs for accelerating parallel processing. Also, several EDA tools are installed for VLSI circuit designs. All machines can be controlled via KVM switches in this workplace.

We have many FPGA (field programmable gate array) boards that have been donated from Intel FPGA and Xilinx and bought by ourselves. These boards have been used to develop hardware accelerators and verify digital circuit designs. Notably, Intel FPGA DE5-Net and Xilinx NetFPGA SUME boards can provide high-performance computational resources and 10G network developments. Besides, several boards and Keil development tools have been donated from ARM Limited.